The whole construction process

Eurocomp&ind s.p.a. it's different from the other companies because it is able to manage and coordinate competently the whole construction development, from the search for the area to the construction of the building.  

We offer an exhaustive service: a strong leadership for the whole duration of the building construction guarantees the fulfilment of all customer’s requirement.

Not only prefabricated constructions. Not only turn-key solutions.
Our team is made up of professionals who have a comprehensive knowledge of construction work and are fully competent: this is why we can offer you  a complete service and a constantly high quality.

The Chairman's message

You deserve it.
We have paid attention to your needs and have put your ideas into practice.

Our company has developed in the process of searching for solutions for small, medium and large businesses which have entrusted us with their construction.

Thanks to our deep experience and great competence we are able to assure you best results.   

A strong, serious and dynamic company is at your service

The Chairman

Giancarlo Bertelli